Middlemarch? I can’t even get to the middle of the book. Perhaps its the wrong time of year for me to try to take on the tome of a classic, but it’s been sitting on my nightstand for months and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take part in Too Fond‘s December read-along of the book. Learn about it here.

But, I’m finding George Eliot’s book daunting. I know that it is considered one of the great, important classics–but I need a story. For every few pages of story line, there’s 40 of character development. Obviously I’m just not getting it.  As a country singer once crooned,  “Did I shave my legs for this?,”  I’m asking myself  “Did I give up reading ‘The Luminaries’ for this?”

Virginia Woolf described ‘Middlemarch’ as a novel written for grownups. Others have called it the greatest novel ever. To each her own.  As far as classics go, give me Tolstoy, Joyce, Hardy, even Lawrence, any day. I’ll keep plugging along, but I definitely feel that with this book I’m in for a long winter’s night.